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Lauden Chocolate

Lauden Chocolates taste amazing, are made with the finest ingredients and are miniature works of art.

Lauden Chocolate was developed out of the frustration of the owners, Sun and Stephen at not being able to buy fine chocolate where they live. They would regularly visit some fantastic chocolatier with a great shopping experience and customer service, but their taste buds were more than often left unsatisfied. To Sun and Stephen “It’s all about the Chocolate!” so they decided to make their own.

They spent all their spare time learning, researching ingredients and refining their chocolate palate. They wanted to find the finest Cacao in the world, to make the finest chocolates in the world. A tall order, but one they are certainly on the road to success with when they won Bronze at the Academy of Chocolate Awards in 2009 in the category of Best Dark Truffle.

Lauden believes the chocolate industry is going through a revolution as the consumer starts to recognise and look for fine tasting chocolates, rather than the high sugar low quality chocolates that are available every where. Much like Sun and Stephen, people want chocolate with character, depth and a lasting taste. As with wine, once you have tasted the finest you cannot go back.

"It’s all about balancing fine ingredients with one another to produce the best chocolate! Just because you are using the finest ingredients does not mean you will produce the best products. It is the marriage of these ingredients that produces the best!"says Sun.

Lauden Chocolate first tested their creations on the public at their local Farmers Market in Leeds. The response was fantastic and they knew there were people out there who shared their passion for fine chocolate and the Lauden chocolates they had just tasted. The company has recently opened its own factory in the centre of Leeds.