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Orange Dutchtub (four person)Heating Coil (where you burn the wood)Orange Dutchtub

We took delivery of very own orange Dutchtub from Weltevree last summer (I like to imagine it arrived primarily by bicycle) and it is now sitting resplendent in the garden following some trips around the East Sussex countryside to shows and photo shoots. You can see it at dutchtub@lucasbond on our Facebook site.

The Dutchtub is filled with water by hosepipe and powered by wood. You put the wood in the coil you can see above. When it is ready you can relax in warm clear, fresh water while listening to the crackle of a fire and enjoying the smell of the woodsmoke. When you are done and the water has cooled you can recycle it in the garden, wipe down the tub, put on the lid and there it can sit until you fancy another outdoor soak. The Dutchtub is the absolutely ideal lock up and leave hot tub.

The Dutchtub offers that elusive "stop the world I want to get off" feeling. Slowing the pace of life right down and giving you time to just hang out connect with the family after a busy week or share time with friends. To enjoy the Dutchtub you must love the preparation the water and the fire the expectation of the moment when the water is warm and you slink in and breathe out.....no rushing, no stress, no technology.

Escape; pure and simple.

The Hosepipe ban in East Sussex prevents us from filling the Dutchtub at the moment, but if you would like to come and see the tub or recieve more information information e-mail info@lucasbond.com or call Sally on 01435 866577.